Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Postscript

As we munch through Thanksgiving 'leftover surprise', a few lovely and funny stories come to mind.

This Sunday past, families from a variety of faiths gathered to share soup and bread. They then made advent wreathes, made new ornaments out of old, and packed tins full of cookies for our veterans spending the holidays at Ft. Harrison. The evening ended with Christmas carols and a warm start to the holiday season.

While making cards for the tins, I made pleasant conversations to the woman next to me. "How was your Thanksgiving?" "Oh, nice enough," she replied, "but you wouldn't believe what my father left me to do! He called me to say that he had a sick calf. When I arrived at the house I was to do one of two things: tube the calf with medication and milk or drag the deceased over to the cats. When I arrived at the ranch, the calf was cold so I drug the carcass over to the barn for the cats. Steak Tartar for Thanksgiving!"

She then continued, "I wasn't sure whether to feel sad or relieved.".

I echoed her sentiments.

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