Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poor Cowboy Lattes

Today our pharmeceutical rep stopped in just in time for our first cup of joe. He insisted that we all have a "froofy" coffee and Mona ran for the espresso stand. Our orders were lattes, mochas, and hyped-up lattes with flavoring.

The rep then proceeded to tell us an interesting recipe to try if we found ourselves desperate for coffee with all the frills. Take a half of a snickers bar and plop it in available cup. Pour regular coffee over it and let dissolve. Stir and enjoy a chocolate, carmel creamy coffee. The great bonus at the end, coffee-soaked peanuts!


  1. Yum, i will have to try that!! I don't normally get to enjoy "froofy" cofees often either...just don't get how people can pay $4 for a cup :\ Although my next door neighbor just got an espresso maker for Christmas...and she used to work at starbucks, so... She and her hunny join us for breakfast every sunday, Ira makes the food and now she brings carmel macchiatos for all!

  2. What a way to ruin a perfectly good snickers bar.