Friday, February 5, 2010

Feedstore Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Web and print articles are springing up everywhere this week. "What to get her? What to get him? What's an appropriate gift versus a "scare 'em off" gift? What if we've only been dating since last night? We've been married 30 years, she won't notice..." The advice seems endless.

Here at the feed store we like to keep it simple. Straight-shooting, problem-solving for what ails you or your animals is what we're all about! Since we can't ignore the looming romantic holiday, I thought I'd pass along a few helpful suggestions from the desk at the feed store.

Just begun to date? Keep it simple and non-committal. A pair of chore gloves for him and ball cap with modest bling for her.

Made it through football season? Great, things are looking up! For her, a pair of rhinestone spurs and for him, a Leatherman tool.

So, you've learned how to eat pasta and pizza in front of each other, been to all the family holiday gatherings. Looks like it's a make or break deal since you've been together over a year. For her, perfume and a gift certificate to Ritz-N-Glitz (so she can pick out EXACTLY which handbag she likes), and for him cologne and a home-cooked meal.

Married awhile? Great! No small feat these days. You're a sensible couple, working on common goals and dreams. You probably don't celebrate Valentine's Day on the principle that it's just another trumped up Hallmark marketing scheme.Chances are the budget is to be spent on investments like your cattle herd. In that case, a ton of the finest, custom-blended mineral will suit you both. After you get it loaded into your pickup, have a romantic lunch interlude at the local pizzeria where he surprises her with roses that are waiting on their table (ordered by the feed store clerk as they're cousins to the florist in town).

In financial downturns, we are often reminded of the most important working capital we have: people. Take care of your loved ones and they'll do the same.

If you're ever in need of advice or hot coffee, be sure to stop in for a spell at the round table. We've got more than enough of both to go around.


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  2. This makes me wish I had a pick-up truck.

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