Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Fever

High schoolers are breaking training, the round table retirees are getting snippy and I've had my first call for seed potatoes. Mind you, it's still the fourth week in February and ice has covered everything. Spring Fever is overtaking my community!

Sure, the thaw has begun: blue jays are harassing sparrows, pavement is visible again and Spring Creek is six inches deep where it runs by the store. There's reason to hope that freezing temperatures will leave us soon enough. It is Montana, however, and given that we've been socked in by more fog than anyone can remember, we are still bound to have a wet, cold and dreary spring. We will still be making hot cocoa in June.

Not to worry dear reader, all is not lost. The sun is shining today and the winds have been curiously absent. Master Gardner classes will start up soon and we'll bide our time until it's time to turn the soil once again.

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