Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 36--Invitations, Small Town Style

We have a tradition in my rural community that sets us apart, even from neighbors in the eastern part of the state. When a family is hosting an event, be it an anniversary celebration, baby shower, or wedding, an invitation is posted in the local paper.

The wording is just like a formal invitation with a note at the bottom, "no local invitations sent". It is an open invite to the entire community to join in the festivities.

We have this traditions for two reasons. One, when you make your life in a small town, it is imperative that you maintain as many positive relationships as possible. The social and economic implications of doing otherwise could cost you dearly. Since everyone is related to everyone, even slighting someone by proxy is bad karma. Two, most of the financial resources of the event should be spent on everyone who comes. Food, music and beverages are at the top of the list. Expensive invitations fall to a lower priority. It's only good hosting.

That being said, my wedding invitations have arrived via the UPS man who has delivered all of the packages in town, for my ENTIRE life. I am not kidding. His years of driving matches my age.

The beautiful paper, envelopes, and response cards are lovely things because they were designed and water-colored by my dear friend in Boston (while she was in labor with her second child, no less!). They were derived from local images here on the Rocky Mountain Front and have all the personal touches only a friend could impart.

While many preparations have been made in the past month, it feels like now, the wedding season has begun!

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