Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 24--Now for the fittings!

I was a bit mortified when, at the request of the attractive, elderly salesclerk, my fiance try on the shirt for fit. Not embarrassed at the request, but at his insistence in derobing right where he stood. Off came his work shirt to reveal...a long sleeved t-shirt.

The dress-shirt in question wasn't quite the right color, so as the clerk handed him the next selection, whoosh, off came the long sleeved t-shirt to reveal...a t-shirt. Meanwhile, I found myself pointing to the dressing rooms, and fussing in high tones, "but honey". Oh, but I was not the loudest voice in the room as the clerk, cooed, "some go bare-chested, it's no big deal". I politely made my way to the opposite side of the room, dissociating myself with my stripping fiance until he had made his selection. I grabbed his elbow, almost tugging as the clerk tried to offer winter wardrobe selections. "We'll be back!," I promised.

Next came my wide-eyed experience as I hauled my wedding gown into the seamstress. As the doting Asian lady shooshed Rod out the door with commands of, "You can't see her! You wait OUTSIDE!", I zipped into my beautiful, craigslist find, thankful that there are mothers everywhere helping me make my way down the aisle.

It fit in most places. The shoulders and chest area didn't quite make everything smooth though, and she fussed about me, pinching fabric here and there, trying to figure out the best place to take it in. She turned me around and looked firmly at my chest. "You need a better bra." Faster than I could process, she grabbed my boobs and squeezed them more to the center, "you need them to look like this!"

I agreed immediately. Who's going to argue with a woman who's clearly been in the business longer than I've been alive (and has some of my valuables firmly in her hands as she gives commands)? So, it's off to the lingerie shop I go!

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  1. That is hilarious, Heather! What an experience - and you'll always have a great story to tell about getting your wedding dress fitted! :)