Friday, November 19, 2010

November to Remember: Early Riser

If you took a poll to see whom in my family would be the first to rise in the morning, I would come in dead last.

I have nothing against the wee hours. When I AM up before dawn, I enjoy the peace, fresh air, the transition from dark to light, the snow geese migrating or the elk bugling. I think that the sight, sound, and aroma of freshly brewing coffee is one of life's greatest pleasures. Hugging sleepy, bed-head kids as they stumble out of their rooms is gentle and loving. I can even crack a smile and speak sweetly.

I do prefer, however, the long, uninterrupted, nocturne. Deep in warm blankets, soft pillows and a firm, but not too firm bed I lie, almost as if in infancy. I have vivid dreams and complete relaxation, comfort and rest.

The winter morning does arrive and I am called, against my will-to-sleep, to the obligations of work and home. I must crawl out of my cocoon and step on the cold floor, put on glasses and layers of clothing only to discover...someone has made a fire and coffee awaits me in my mug.

Today I am thankful that I married my sleep-opposite and that it is his pure delight to rise and prepare the morning environment. My transition has been made easier by not having to answer to either an annoying alarm clock or cold house.

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