Thursday, November 4, 2010

November to Remember: If you want patience, just ask for it!

A black cloud has lingered over most of my afternoon. Perhaps it's low blood sugar, a late lunch, not enough sleep, too much caffeine, too much heat (it is 70 today!) or just a general funk. In my dark fog, I remember how my elders warned me about asking, in my prayers, for patience. They warned me that then and only then, I'd surely be tried. Never a truer word has been spoken, especially as I work on a heart of gratitude this month.

I tried all the self-help I could muster. I walked in the sunshine, devoured a hearty lunch, drank some water, stayed out of the direct sun and took a few deep breaths. Surprise! No difference. None what so ever.

Today, I'm thankful for mercy; for people willing to bear my sour mood, clients willing to overlook my curtness, my mother doing some household repairs and errands, and a husband fixing my lunch. Even the chickens continue to come when I call them and deliver delicious eggs!

I'm thankful that for today, grace bears me until tomorrow starts afresh.

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  1. In order to feel the high highs, we also will feel the low lows. As hard as it is, I have decided that feeling is better than being numb. At least you know you are alive!
    Sarah B.