Monday, November 22, 2010

November to Remember: Out of the Mouths of Babes

It all started quite innocently in the living room. Sitting around the fire after a late lunch of soup and sandwich, we started playing "Twenty Questions". My mother introduced the idea and we played a few rounds until she told us we'd play for the most difficult answer of all time. We DID guess it, but it was very clever: hole.

Next up was the thirteen-year-old, who has discovered that it pays great dividends to be clever. We had deduced from the yes-no answers that his object was an animal. When my mother guessed through the dog, cat, people, horse, and chickens, she felt stumped and quipped, "is it the other horse?!" At which point my teenager yelled, "Yes!". We had a hysterical laugh over that one, beings that there WERE two horses in the round pen that day.


My four-year-old nephew was visiting his Gramma's house on Saturday. Her husband had the intrastate football rivalry game on, so they had a small chat about the different colored uniforms and the object of the game. Gramma tactfully stated that she liked one team, while my brother favored the other. After a bit, Grandmother asked which team my nephew liked. Without so much as a pause, he said, "I like the black and white ones," (the referees).

So much for building brand loyalty on that day!

Today I am thankful that the mouths of babes can tell us what their eyes, ears, nose, and skin observes, that often, completely escapes me otherwise!

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