Monday, November 8, 2010

November to Remember: Recreation

It was a weekend of all things outside of the house. Friday night was a road trip for a junior high basketball game. Saturday was a road trip for a football playoff game with stops at a hot springs and dinner with the college student. Sunday was a time of study and fellowship, raking leaves, collecting eggs, baking and cooking,and laundry, all while the men hunted and worked.

My grandparents did not have this many options on their weekends, and I know my parents rarely did. I am thankful to have a life that allows me options either to relax or not, to associate or abstain, to prepare for the week ahead or let the week arrive at its own pace.

In a world where many toil day and night, run for cover or have to immigrate, keep watch at night or rise early to haul water for miles,scrounge for shelter amidst rubble, water, and turned over cities, I realize that leisure IS a luxury not a right. I am thankful for the days where I do have options on how to spend my time and that most of them are actually quite enjoyable!

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