Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book 5: Live What You Love, Notes from an Unusual Life

In the midst of reading new books this summer, I had to return to an old favorite. Written by Belinda and Bob Blanchard as a follow-on to their "A Trip to the Beach" best-seller, it is one of my most ragged-eared books.

These daring husband and wife entrepreneurs scare me to bits. They live boldly in the direction of their dreams and make a living at it (or go broke), but never at the same thing twice! In their opening letter to the reader, they write, "This unusual little book is a passionate manifesto: truly living what you love is a revolutionary act, a rebellion against the common and "usual" life."

It is written in small chapter or piece morsels, so the reader can pick it up and read any portion in a short while.If you're more like me...just take the whole thing in large gulps. Unlike some of the other "dreamer" books, I find they are the first to tie everything back to practicality, the "Big 4: passion, people, environment, and money". While it sounds like a buzz-kill, they have practiced their lives in just such ways with amazing results.

If you haven't had an encouraging summer read, pick this one up today! It has large print and pictures, too!

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