Monday, November 9, 2009

New Definition of Trouble

We have a small round coffee table here in the store. Each morning and afternoon, retired farmers and ranchers, people on errands, or visitors just passing through stop to have a cup of coffee.

Much of what is said around this table can be informative, gossip, controversial, or laughable. At any rate, the personality of the feed store would be lacking charisma, should the table and its patrons ever cease.

We live on the eastern front of the Rocky Mountains. This geographical area is the former home of many dinosaurs and an ocean (hence fuel reserves), and currently home to people, livestock, and a host of wildlife and flora. This curious nexus provides a beautiful and often controversial life.

When discussing grizzly bear management this past week, one patron noted concerning FWP decision to build a fence around the Dupuyer school, "They've opened a can of worms and two cans of bees!"

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