Tuesday, August 24, 2010

39 Days to Go--Let the scheduling begin!

After nearly 18 years of autonomous reign over my schedule, priorities, and leisure time activities, I now find myself at the dining room table, pouring over schedules, of which only ONE is mine.

For the over 18 (with whom I will not share residence)the schedule requires college orientation and transport, holidays, breaks, interspersed with a football game, cell phone updates, and care packages.

For the two handsome young men that will occasionally share a roof with me, I have(thus far) football and 4-H, school breaks, plays, programs, and open-houses, hunting, scouting, hunting, fishing, hiking and camping and some of the laundry that goes with all the adventuring. That does not include time for cooking meals together (we make a mean breakfast sandwich in under 10 minutes with fresh eggs),stirring up campfires, playing badminton, or swinging from trees (and afterward bandaging everyone up, unless they're "too cool" for all the fuss).

For the gentleman with whom I will soon share a life and home, I have the consideration of: the opening of archery, waterfowl, upland game, antelope and general and back country rifle seasons, trapping, water safety checks, and the occasional damage hunt. Interspersed with scheduled activities are the calls for backup, testifying in court, sick or dead animals obstructing roads, bears in trash cans, bears in the grain, and bears, in general, just making appearances.

Joint activities may include hosting dinners,attending church or bible study, yard work, animal care, hiking, riding, visiting family,consolidating and sorting belongings (so we can fit in one house!) holidays, weddings and funerals, and the occasional date night.

With all of that penciled in, it looks like I have just enough time for a bubble bath between work and marriage counseling on Thursday. Bonus!

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