Monday, August 23, 2010

Feed Store Girl Gets Engaged: 40 days until the big day

It's bound to happen sooner or later at a feed store: a cowboy swoops in on his horse and carries the help off. That's the twitter version.

Join the count down to the hitchin' in the days ahead. Every good event starts with some pencil and paper scenarios, so let's set the stage with a few numbers:

Time in courtship: 2.25 years
Children joining the union: 3 (2 boys, 12 & 16 and a young woman now off at college!)
Animals joining the union: 3 horses, 1 cat, 1 dog, 7 chickens
Hour of the nuptials: 11
Date of the event: 10.2.10
Miles driven to meet respective families: 876
Blood tests: 1 (why do they care about rubella in an age of vaccinations?)
Attendants: 2 for her, 1 for him
Invitations sent locally: 0 (invite in the paper suffices here).
Layers on the bridal cake: 3
Additional cakes: 2
Birthday cakes: 1
Expected number of guests (200-300)
BBQ grillers: 2 (brothers no less!)
Decorators: 3
Bar attendant: 1
Gift table attendant: 1
Cake cutters: 2
Name taggers: 2.5
Number of arguments over chicken feed: 1

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