Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 8--Out of the Closet

The plans of mice and brides are soon scuttled by arachnids. Isn't that how the adage goes?

My chef d'jour was recently bitten by a spider ON his recent ankle incision. So much for being sure-footed. While he continues to procure the meat and spices, a new team of cooks has stepped up to the plate. Namely, the grill-meisters will be from my fiance's office: the captain and sargent of Region 4. How fortunate can a girl get?!

In other news...while I am in no way inferring that any of my family resemble spiders or their mythological attributes, I do find it a bit intriguing that 12 days before the wedding I am apprised of a family expectation: I must have an escort down the aisle.

For years now, I have always believed that I would not have an escort on my wedding day. On the practical side, my father has been gone for nearly 30 years, no grandfathers exist, and I am not close to any of uncles, many of whom have married off their own daughters. On the "wedding traditions through the ages" side, I am not a piece of property being exchanged between two men. I have spoken for and supported myself since I was 18.I didn't plan on changing that because I got an ivory dress.

What might surprise the dear reader is that in fact, this notice was given by women. I was surprised. It was these very women that gave me models of independence, exercising potential, and earning a living. So what is a bride to do?

On the one hand, it's my decision. I have the full support of my fiance, my pastor and many people who know me. I am who I am. On the other hand, it's a mere 60 seconds of my life in the middle of a ceremony. Is it worth ruffling feathers if it means something dear to someone else?

Readers,I await your response.


  1. You can have your mother give you away or a brother. I have also heard of having the groom meet you halfway.
    :) Love you and wish we could be there for your special day.

  2. I love who you are!!! Whatever you and and your man want is the way to go. You are going to be working together to make decisions that you both agree on no matter what others think for the rest of your lives together...easier said than done though!