Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

A more spectacular day could not have been created for us. Surrounded by a loyal army of friends and family, the wedding celebrations went off without a hitch--save for the bride arriving twenty minutes late!

Under autumn blue skies amidst ash and cottonwood color, the church bells rang. Piece by piece the marriage platform was assembled, so beautifully formed from hand-hewn wood. Person by person they placed their significance and their love beneath our feet, a firm foundation.

As we stood and gave our vows, our families gave their blessing. As we joined our hands and exchanged our rings, the pastor gave us a reminder of our commitment to be more than for ourselves or for each other. The ink yet wet on our license, we joined as husband and wife.

Eating freshly roasted meats and tasting all the potluck dishes brought by revelers reminded us we are provided far and above what we need or ask for...in our relationships, physical comforts, family, and friends. We danced, we laughed, we visited, and the children played in the creek. What a joyous occasion to both have and eat our cake!

Amidst a shower of birdseed, nay a dump, we scurried off to our quiet first night retreat for a stroll, a drink, a picnic and finally, sweet sleep.

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