Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November to Remember: Comforts of Heat

Sixty to one hundred-mile an hour winds are bearing down on the east slope of the Rocky Mountains today. They promise rain, snow, sleet and all of it sticking and freezing. Horse corral panels (100 pounds) are lifting and gliding on a nearby ranch.I can feel where I need to glaze the windows in my 100-year old house. I can see the dog finally has wised up to using his house and the chickens and cat are nowhere to be seen. I can smell fresh air and moisture nearby.

Sure the house is chilly at 58 degress, but I'll be gone for the day. I dash for my towel as I leave the steamy shower, but in five minutes my hair is dried and under a beanie for the day (read into this, it is TIME for a haircut). Slippers separate me from cold floors, and layers of clothing separate my body heat from cool air that wishes to whisk it away.

Today I am thankful for natural resource exploration and development.Natural gas heats my house when I am away, warms my shower water and cooks my breakfast of sizzling bacon and eggs and whole grain pancakes. It also bakes cinnamon rolls for me to pack into my husband's provisions. I have electricity to wash and dry my clothes, read, and to see to do my tasks on dark winter mornings. Chopped wood will keep me cozy and in good company as I drink my hot chocolate tonite before bed. Fuel runs my car and heats my legs on the way to work.

It is a good time to be alive and warm in the north country.

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