Monday, November 15, 2010

November to Remember: My birthday

Today is my birthday. As of 7.35pm tonite, I will have been breathing a mix of essential gasses for thirty-six years, give or take the brief fainting spell in second grade.

It's been a tremendous year of events. I kept a day job, dropped a night job. Mother got married, I moved out. My steady date asked me to marry him, I moved in after my honeymoon. I had co-parented fourteen children, now I am a parent, if only in steps. I had an apartment, now I have a mortgage. I had no animals, now I have seven chickens (two in retirement), a dog, a cat, and three horses and all the accompanying tack, feed,shavings and delicious, fresh eggs that accompany such ventures.

I could have NEVER predicted how different my life has become in a short year. I am incredibly happy, content on most days, and head over heals in love with my family.

Today I am thankful that sometimes life gives us GOOD surprises.


  1. Happy birthday, sis. Glad to hear you're happy!:)

  2. Isn't it funny what difference a year can make! :) Happy birthday.