Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 8: A Little Goes A Long Way

When you drop between a half of a pound and a pound per week, the victory dances are slow to come. It's not much to notice...maybe the jeans are not so snug in certain places, or the rolls aren't as jolly in the mid-section, but for me, it's been difficult to "see" results.

Mind you, I am on track for that 1/2 to 1 pound per week decrease in body mass, but I'm noticing other changes. For example, because I have found other things to top my toast with, when I do choose butter, it is a DELICIOUS treat. When I choose to bring healthy snacks such as apples, low-fat crackers and cheese or yogurt, or chopped veggies to eat between meals, I am not STARVED come meal time. Additionally, I find that my will power to make healthy meal choices is more intact. These are big things for me because I tend to be a hungry eater, no matter the occasion.

Today, however, I got to have a happy dance as I did my daily morning weigh-in. I weigh on a doctor's-style scale with the pound slide on top and the incremental slide just beneath it. Usually I'm finding the pound slide mark to record my daily mass...tap tap this way, tap tap that way to find the balance. Today, my taps weren't balancing and I realized it was time to move the increment slide, DOWN.

An increment was significant and that made me smile.

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