Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week 15: To Infinity and Beyond

Yes, I skipped week 14, mostly because the few hours of sunshine each day between rain showers, has called my name loudly.

We will bring all "official" events to a close this week. Done are lectures, little blue books, and mandatory fitness classes. And just in time...I think I must have a 16 week attention span for this sort of thing, or else university studies warped my attention span to fit in tidy 16 week segments.

Once per month, until November, we'll still gather to weigh and compare notes. This is, after all a lifestyle program...what can we CONTINUE to do from here on out? I was reminded of this when a friend recently told me of his weight loss program. He is very happy with the amount of weight he's lost, but he's hating life. No this. No that. The joy has left him, and I predict, soon this fabulous plan will follow.

It is still hard to listen to "fast loss" programs. I'd love to be in a different jean size in 6 weeks, but I'd also not like to be back to square one in 12 weeks. I'd much rather stay under the blankets, out of the rain, and lacking a few layers of clothing as opposed to hitting the pavement, trail, or pool. But, I'd also rather stay off of blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, and away from insulin needles.

Instead, I choose moderation. I get moving most days rather than just being a weekend warrior. I cook more vegetables rather than less. I find substitutes so that food keeps its appeal for me and the family. I drink more water and less soda, eat more salads and fewer french fries, read more labels and stopped assuming so much about the food in my world,(the food industry is NOT interested in your health!). I do enjoy eggs and bacon on quiet Sunday mornings, and slice homemade pie smaller but skip the a la mode. Who is to say what's fashionable anyway?

I feel good in my skin and I find I have more energy for the tasks of the day. I've had to retrain my "stress-response" which is usually sleep, or immobility and just walk instead. This has been hard, but I find that I have more company these days: friends, husband, kids, or dog...turns out everyone likes a walk!

The most important aspects of this program for me have been:
--thinking critically and long term about movement,
--thinking critically and holistically about food intake,
--thinking critically about my decisions and how they influence my family,and
--increased my desire for long-term health and vitality.

Thank you for sharing the journey of "beginnings". I hope you've considered making choices that will positively impact the long-term goals of your life.

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