Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Challenge: Six Books and Summer Reading

“Studies suggest that children who read as few as six books over the summer maintain the level of reading skills they achieved during the preceding school year. Reading more books leads to even greater success.” - Allington, Richard L. and McGill-Franzen, Anne. “Bridging the Summer Reading Gap,” Scholastic Instructor (2003, May/June)."

Children model what they see, so I am challenging myself and anyone reading this to read SIX books in the next 90 days. They don't have to be classics, 2 inches thick, or an "Oprah" pick. Read something that intrigues you, relaxes you, instructs you, or entertains.

Additionally, I am volunteering to introduce children to West Africa at our local library story hour. I challenge my readers to find a similar outlet. Show kids we're excited about the world of words and what we can learn!

You'll earn bonus points if you get a child in your life,( children, step-children,nieces, nephews, cousins,and neighbors all count), to read six books--hopefully more!

I'll keep you posted on my reading list and I am excited to learn about what you're reading. Remember to use your public libraries and inter-library loans so that it costs you nothing to "see the world". Additionally, you can download, for FREE, audio books and Nook books at most Montana public libraries (Kindle to follow suit later this fall).

Keep me posted!


  1. Six books in the next 90 days? I think I can handle that. I've made a personal challenge for myself -- I must follow a fiction book with a non-fiction book. When I finished Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse book) I started Moonwalking with Einstein (Joshua Foer), which I'm almost finished with. After that I'll be reading Shakepeare Undead (Lori Handeland) and then following that up with a non-fiction. Any suggestions? I was thinking of Eleanor of Aquitaine by Alison Weir. At Borders we have a kids reading challenge program; after reading ten books, the child gets a free book. So far we've already had a lot of kids getting their free book.

    Also, since I work at Borders, I thought I'd mention that you can borrow free ebooks for the Kobo, as well. They're DRM protected (as they are for all eReaders) so they expire after two weeks.

  2. A great resolution!
    If you're looking for recommendations, I recently finished "Bound Like Grass" (a memoir set on the Hiline) and "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" (nonfiction that reads like a novel). Both great - highly recommended. "One Thousand White Women" was an entertaining read, very (very) loosely based in fact and set among the Northern Cheyenne.
    For West Africa, I'm planning to read "Purple Hibiscus." Meant to read it for ages and just have never done it.
    Good luck on your list and happy summer reading!!